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Food truck campaign services

We provide the full spectrum of mobile marketing services. From providing a fully branded food truck or mobile promotional vehicle to custom fabrications and technology driven impression generators.

Food Truck Rentals

Fully customizable, promotional grade food trucks for rent.

Custom Graphics

Custom vehicle graphics to increase impressions and brand Exposure.

Brand Ambassadors

Our network allows us to provide the quality promotional talent.

GPS Tracking

Our trucks include GPS tracking allowing you to monitor your campaign.

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Discover the Best Food Trucks Rentals in Los Angeles with Food Truck Campaigns


The Growing Popularity of Food Trucks in Los Angeles

Have you ever been strolling down the streets of Los Angeles and noticed those colorful trucks lined up on the sidewalks, tempting you with the aroma of delicious food? That's right! Food trucks have taken the City of Angels by storm, and it's no wonder why. These mobile eateries offer a fantastic variety of mouthwatering dishes, from gourmet tacos to sizzling burgers and everything in between. With food trucks for rent popping up all over the city, it's no surprise that this trendy way of dining has captured Angelenos' hearts and stomachs.



Experiential & Sampling Campaigns

Getting your Brand's message on the streets and into the hands of your consumers. We specialize in driving ROI through meaningful interactions.

Corporate Lunches

Our network of food trucks is sure to satisfy any cravings at your office. We are built to feed 25 people all the way up to 25,000 people!


Growing Your Food Business in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a big city with many people – nearly 3.9 million of them! According to the U.S. Census Bureau, this city has the second-highest population in the United States. That means you have many chances to grow your food business. People in Los Angeles love to try new things, especially when it comes to food. Since there are so many different people with different tastes, you can make food that appeals to all of them. And because everyone loves to eat, you'll have many potential customers. To make your food business successful in Los Angeles, consider what people like to eat and find ways to make your food stand out. With so many people in the city, your food business has a great chance to grow and become popular!

Importance of Mobile Marketing Services for Food Truck Businesses

In today’s fast-paced world, more than having a great menu is required. To make your mark in the bustling food truck scene, you need to be noticed, and that’s where mobile marketing services come in. By opting for a rent-to-own food truck or leasing a food truck, you gain the flexibility to create eye-catching designs and branding that will make your mobile restaurant stand out from the crowd. Plus, with food trucks for rent to own, you can eventually become the proud owner of your own food truck business. So, whether you’re just starting or looking to expand, mobile marketing services can help your food truck dreams become a reality.


Why We Are the Best

Fully Branded Food Trucks and Mobile Promotional Vehicles

Imagine your own food truck catering Los Angeles events, with your logo and colors proudly displayed on the side. Food Truck Campaigns can make this dream come true! We offer fully branded food trucks and mobile promotional vehicles that will turn heads and attract customers at any Los Angeles food truck gathering.

Custom Fabrications and Technology-Driven Impression Generators

Want to stand out from the crowd of food trucks in Los Angeles? Our team specializes in custom fabrications and state-of-the-art technology that will generate buzz and leave a lasting impression on your customers. We'll help you create a unique catering truck that Los Angeles foodies will love.

Fully Customizable Promotional Grade Food Trucks for Rent

We've got you covered if you're looking for food trucks in Los Angeles events. Our fleet of promotional-grade food trucks for rent is fully customizable to match your brand and concept. You'll be the town's talk as you serve delicious dishes from your one-of-a-kind mobile kitchen.

Custom Vehicle Graphics to Increase Impressions and Brand Exposure

A picture is worth a thousand words, and our custom vehicle graphics will speak volumes about your food truck business. With eye-catching designs, your food truck will stand out, increasing brand exposure and attracting hungry customers.

Quality Promotional Talent from Our Network

Food trucks are more than just a place to grab a bite; they're an experience! Our network of brand ambassadors will bring your food truck to life, creating memorable interactions with your customers and promoting your brand with enthusiasm and passion.

Monitor Your Campaign with Trucks Equipped with GPS Tracking

With our GPS tracking technology, you can keep an eye on your food truck's location at all times. This feature allows you to monitor the success of your campaign, ensuring that your food truck is reaching the right audience and maximizing its potential at events across Los Angeles.

Positive Client Reviews

We take pride in the positive feedback we’ve received from our clients. With a track record of success and a reputation for delivering exceptional food truck services, you can trust us to help your business make a lasting impact in the Los Angeles food scene.

Why Choose Us?

Projects Successfully Delivered for Top Brands and Agencies

Our proven track record of successfully delivering projects for well-known brands and agencies sets us apart in the food truck industry. When you choose us for your catering trucks in Los Angeles, you partner with a team dedicated to excellence and commit to bringing your vision to life.

We created a custom food truck for Derek Jeter and Luvo Foods to kick off their new frozen foods line throughout New York City.

Applegate Meats contracted us to brand food trucks and distribute over 30K hot dogs in San Francisco, Miami, & Minneapolis

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Key Advantages of Food Truck Campaigns

Vending Options

Whether you want to serve tasty prepackaged treats or indulge your customers with gourmet dishes, our food trucks in Los Angeles offer a wide range of vending options. Our flexibility ensures that your menu is tailored to your needs and goals.


Our expert Logistics Team handles all the details, from planning to auditing. With our comprehensive support, you can focus on what you do best – serving up delicious food from your lunch trucks Los Angeles will love.

Campaign Execution

Our skilled Field Managers oversee every aspect of your food truck campaign, ensuring a seamless and successful activation. Their experience and knowledge will keep your campaign on track and your customers returning for more.

Maximum ROI

We understand the importance of getting the most out of your investment. Our food trucks' mobility and extensive influencer network help maximize impressions and generate buzz for your brand, increasing your return on investment.

Custom Branding

Our talented in-house designers will work with you to create custom branding for your food truck that captures your brand's essence and attracts attention. With our expertise, your cheap food truck catering will look anything but inexpensive.

Custom Branded Food Trucks

Transform your Los Angeles food truck into a mobile billboard that showcases your brand's message. Our custom-branded food trucks ensure your business stands out, turning heads and making a lasting impression on your customers.


Food Rental Truck for Los Angeles, California

Meeting the Food Demands of Los Angeles

Los Angeles has diverse tastes and a strong appetite for great food. Our food trucks rent to own, and catering truck rentals are the perfect way to satisfy those demands while making a name for your business in this competitive market.

Benefits of Food Truck Marketing

Taking your culinary creations on the road with a food truck for lease or rent to own offers numerous benefits. Not only do you gain exposure to a larger audience, but you can also use your mobile eatery for targeted marketing campaigns, easily reaching specific neighborhoods and demographics.

Customization Options for Brand Promotion

With our food trucks to rent and catering trucks for rental, you can customize your truck's design, creating a unique and memorable experience for your customers. From eye-catching graphics to tailored menus, we'll help you craft a brand that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on the streets of Los Angeles.

Driving ROI through Meaningful Interactions

Looking for a unique and effective way to promote your brand? Our rent-to-own food trucks and catering truck rentals can help you create experiential and sampling campaigns that drive return on investment (ROI) by fostering meaningful interactions between your customers and your brand. With our food trucks for lease or rent to own, you can create unforgettable experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Are you ready to embark on an exciting and profitable food truck rental adventure? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you launch a successful food truck campaign in Los Angeles. Let’s work together to create unforgettable culinary experiences that will have your customers returning for more!

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Client Reviews Showcasing Our Success

Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority, and their glowing reviews speak volumes about our dedication to their success. From food truck rental in Los Angeles to LA catering truck services, we consistently exceed expectations and help our clients create unforgettable food experiences.